Bauen will gelernt sein

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Bauen will gelernt sein

Netbook via FlickR – Brandon Giesbrecht

Nicht nur der Bau eines Eigenheims erfordert viel Sachverstand und handwerkliches Können. Auch im World Wide Web will „Bauen“ durchaus gelernt sein. Wer sich schon einmal an einer eigenen Internetpräsenz versucht hat, wird dem sicherlich zustimmen. Read the rest of this entry »

Die passende Webagentur im Web finden

Posted: 27th April 2012 by Redaktion in Sonstiges
Die passende Webagentur im Web finden

World Wide Web via FlickR – Bull3t

Die Webeagenturen im Web bieten zahlreiche Möglichkeiten von Dienstleistungen an, die für einen gelungenen Webauftritt von Bedeutung sind. Gerade als Unternehmer möchte man große Erfolge erzielen und somit über einen seriösen Webauftritt verfügen. Read the rest of this entry »


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Macintosh Laptop: Apple MacBook Pro – Core 2 Duo 3.06 GHz (17-inch) via FlickR – Mac Users Guide

Software, Applikationen und Netzwerke müssen immer erreichbar sein und ohne Probleme funktionieren. Eine passende Monitoring Software schafft Abhilfe und sorgt dafür, dass Fehler und Schwachstellen rechtzeitig erkannt werden. Open-Source-Programme, wie Nagios, sind einen guter Einstieg und bieten einige Erweiterungen, die eine individuelle Absicherung möglich machen. Read the rest of this entry »

Das Thema Webentwicklung ist so alt wie das Internet. Im Laufe der Jahre ist die Programmierung von Webseiten immer komplexer geworden, da die Ansprüche der Surfer gestiegen ist. In der Anfangszeit wurden die Webseiten in einem einfachen HTML geschrieben.

Diese waren sehr statisch. Im Laufe der Zeit kamen immer wieder neue Programmiersprachen hinzu und die Webseiten entwickelten sich immer weiter. PHP und MySQL-Datenbanken ermöglichten den Nutzern durch das Internet aktiv mitzumachen und so entstand das Web 2.0. Doch die vielfalt an Programmiersprachen machte das Entwickeln der Webseiten für den Entwickler nicht einfacher. Dieser muß mehrere Sprachen beherrschen, um eine ansprechende Seite entwerfen zu können. Flash und Javascript spielen ebenfalls eine wichtige Rolle in der modernen Programmiersprache.

Um eine Erleichterung und Zeitersparnis für den Programmierer zu schaffen, benötigt dieser den richtigen Editor. Doch wie findet man den richtigen Editor? Um den richtigen zu finden, benötigt man sehr viel Zeit, um sich mit dem vollen Funktionsumfang eines Editors vertraut zu machen. Aber nicht nur die Programmierung von Webseiten und Flash-Anwendungen sind Bestandteil der Entwicklung einer Individualsoftware. Programmsprachen wie Pearl oder Java Programme sind aus der Welt des Internets nicht mehr wegzudenken.

In einem Forum können sich Programmierer und andere Entwickler treffen und über neue Ideen und Konzepte beratschlagen. Außerdem können sich Programmierer und Anfänger dort bei Problemen und Fragen helfen und unterstützen.

WP Templates

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WordPress is definitely the content management system (cms) of choice for most webmasters and bloggers. Even google agrees that this is one of the better choices of a CMS for using if you want to be searched and found on the internet. Most bloggers love wordpress because of how easy it is to skin a theme or create a wordpress template. WordPress templates can come in a few forms which you can get them for free especially on the website or you can find a design company that specializes in custom wordpress templates.

If you go the custom wordpress template route you can truly do anything you want for design, style and functionality. Keep in mind that custom designs can cost anywhere from $100 to over $1000. One example of a custom wordpress design is which has a simple and clean layout with a website that is easy to follow and navigate. This is just one of many examples you can find on the net and all you have to do is search for custom wp templates and you’ll find thousands of pages.

If you don’t have a budget then I recommend you get your template using a free one. However if you have some extra money to spare and to invest into your website it is recommended to go with a custom template but make sure you have a talented designer. A great design can go a long way in making your website stand out from the competition.

Yagendoo developed the Flypage 2 for VirtueMart shopping cart to allow more colorful display of your product besides the full size image at the top portion of the webpage. If you need to display a variety of colors to attract your customers, then Flypage 2 suits your ecommerce marketing strategy. Take at least four photos of your products in different colors or different packaging and put it on display at the upper right portion of your landing page.

Four product images at the side, 2 large images at the center

Viewing a variety of packaging styles and colors for one particular product simply help your customers facilitate their thoughts processes and decide as to which color to buy. More images and product display about a particular item gives customers more reason to buy your product. The technique is to display the most suitable product colors that blend with your template background. You can also put on display different dimensions or image view positions of your product. Flypage 2 makes it possible to display different product positions and different product colors four times at the right side and twice at the center.

Free of annoying tables

Flypage 2 has no tables and comes in a variety of nine colors in an xhtml and CSS2 coding. Customers are very sensitive to website page layout and arrangement. Flypage 2 is Yagendoo’s response to online stores who would like to make a sale just by displaying more product versions, colors, and packaging. The expert programmers and e-marketers of Yagendoo combined their skills and agreed to highlight the product title or product name at the middle of the page. This will draw the eyes of the customers from the image to the name of the product highlighted in great variety of colors that will suit your taste and your product’s images on display.

The flexibility of Joomla platform extends to its plug-ins, extensions, and add-ons. Yagendoo developed Flypage 1 for VirtueMart extension to display efficiently one product at a time in a page. Joomla powers this shopping cart theme for VirtueMart ecommerce sites to give the VirtueMart websites a very professional, orderly, neat look specifically suggested for products needing solo view as such as dresses, shoes, make-ups, jewelries, and other sassy fashion items.

Search engines gaining more traffic and visitors for your site easily index the SEO friendly webpage design. Many visitors appreciate the custom Flypage 1 theme for VirtueMart that is fully CSS driven and consists of user friendly, clear structure without tables. The structure allow easy navigation on a VirtueMart theme that is also xhtml trans valid. The Flypage 1 theme comes in a variety of six colors to suit your mood, your website’s design, your VirtueMart template background, and your visitors’ theme preferences.

The Flypage 1 theme allows you to display an image of your product to help shoppers visualize about your product’s look and packaging. Let your website stand out by blending your VirtueMart template with the available six Flypage 1 colors and impress your visitors. There is a space for large text where you can type your product header. Headers function as a brief summary of your products important features and benefits. The best comparison for the headers is the attractive and effective media ads you see in most websites with large traffic. Note that headers support customers’ decision to buy the product. They are call to action small product descriptions that stands out in the page and drive customers to buy your items on display.

The long product description follows the catching product headers that explain what the product image and description miss to relay to your customers. A larger image of your product is then place after the long product description at a different view to attract your shoppers. The long product description part could be a short article describing your product. Flypage 1 is a larger view of any effective media ads running in any website with good traffic. Take advantage of what this VirtueMart theme can give you and start to increase your website’s income today.

Shoppers need to have a means of confirmation that the items they select to add in the cart actually appear to the VirtueMart shopping cart list of items. The Notice Box 1 VirtueMart plug-in extension serves to inform shoppers of the additional item in their shopping carts. The Notice Box 2 provides more colors than the old Notice Box 1, which blends to any VirtueMart themes. The Notice Box 2 actually provides at least four colors of blue, green, pink, and red packed with psd files that allow graphic modifications to make your website look more attractive and more functional. This extension fits in a variety of shoppers’ moods with maximum compatibility to your Joomla VirtueMart ecommerce system designed to work easily with any Joomla platform.

Availability Icon for product availability notice

Yagendoo developed the Availability Icon with multiple colors to display product availability in days, weeks, or orders in both German and English languages. This extension is easy to install and can be preset in any text or background color. Add more life to your website and add more functionality by telling people how fast they need to decide buying the product. This is a good marketing technique where you give information on how long the special discount offer or product inventory will last. People need a little motivation to buy your product. Fear of time and little inventory will convert them to good cash buyers in no time. The Availability Icon not only gives information about product availability but also motivate shoppers to buy your product.

Yagendoo created the Notice Boxes and the Availability Icon not only to add functionality but also to market your product as well as motivate people to buy display items. Competent support is available for all the products you purchase from Yagendoo. Please see this page for colors and themes samples of the Availability Icon

Joomla has many VirtueMart themes you can use to make your website look more professional. The themes are easy to switch to support your plan to present eye-catching SEO friendly websites perfect to your niche market interests. Here are some VirtueMart themes that can accurately represent your company’s personality to create a good impression on niche market or first time website visitors.

Flypage themes

Flypage 1, Flypage 2, Flypage Admirable, Flypage Showroom, and Flypage Easy Shopping make a simple, tidy, but attractive impression on your site’s visitors. They do not require any advanced or html skills for content editing. The VirtueMart Flypage Themes provide different styles of high quality at an affordable price.

Browsepage Themes

The Browsepage Showroom theme allows you to show off one product at a time in a page, which will draw your viewers focus to the particular product image, features, and description. This is great to use for fashion and other related websites needing to grab viewers’ attention by displaying one product at a time. The Browsepage Easy Shopping theme displays four products at a time similar to the Browsepage Nicly theme but differs in layout. The Browsepage Nicly is more relevant for use on gadgets, computers, and latest technology product display where viewers and information seekers could not care less about the simplicity of the design of the template than clear representation of the image and product description to help them decide and act about purchasing the item on display. The Browse Page 2 theme displays two products at a time, which is a perfect match for any online store wanting to limit display to two products at a time making it easier for visitors to decide on buying the product they are looking for.

Mainpage Themes

The Category Mainpage Easy Shopping, Category Mainpage Noble Mall, and the Category Mainpage 2 themes display a minimum of four products to a maximum of six products. These Mainpage themes are good for displaying some preferred items for each product category to give viewers an idea or a sample image about the product category.

You may find and choose more VirtueMart themes that will suit your style and taste in this webpage

The recent product enhancement of VirtueMart is the Invoice/ Receipt/ Delivery/ Note Addon, which enables administrator to add a new tab that will allow creating invoices, notes for delivery, and receipts in a pdf format. This is a plug-in with language support for both English and Swedish. Install at order.order_print. However, you need to uninstall first the old DeliveryNote add-on so it will not be in conflict with the new VirtueMart enhancement.

Here are some VirtueMart extensions you can integrate to your online store:

RedMystic Core Google Base Feeder allows you to publish your products to the websites of Google Base and RedMystic product directory free. Submission is automatic and doubles your product exposure using only one VirtueMart component, which is the RedMystic Core Module. Your site’s key meta tags are automatically added to the module designed to work on small bandwidth or even shared hosting with proactive sitemaps.
Interamind Reports replaced the old VirtueMart Simple Orders Report to support new features that allow you to view reports on screen complete with links for each other downloadable in CSV for spreadsheet export. The add-on enables filtering of orders by order status, SKU, and dates intervals showing each product in separate lines for easy accounting and invoicing. You are able to bookmark reports that you use frequently for access convenience.
GWCoupons allows you to generate VirtueMart coupons automatically based on your preferred events and then sends to your customers through email. This plug-in generates new coupons and removes expired coupons automatically to help you retain your customers better.
VirtueMart Category Plug-in helps you to publish your product categories by typing vmcatplugin within your article to display the categories in the article automatically.

We know how brain draining reading Joomla installation instructions and selecting plug-ins and add-ons appropriate to your site will be for you who are not familiar with website designing, coding, or programming specifically SEO friendly VirtueMart template installation. Our expert Yagendoo programmers and SEO specialist would like to offer our Installation Service.

Install without limit for our products Joomla Extension Themes, Joomla Extensions, Joomla Templates, Joomla Free Downloads, Joomla Service Package, and Joomla Partner Extensions. Our Yagendoo Installation Service fee is minimal compared to the large work we take off your shoulders so your VirtueMart online store can start to make money.

And here is some information on Drupal.