An ecommerce solution flexible for custom code modification

That is right! VirtueMart shopping cart software is a flexible ecommerce solution introduced by Joomla that allows custom code modification to creating new cart features suited to your business and planned type of virtual store. VirtueMart’s free downloadable software offers secure, expandable, easy to use, and rich features that you may constantly develop to respond to your specific online store and business needs.

What type of ecommerce solution can you create for VirtueMart?

VirtueMart allows custom modification for display of products according to categories, brand name, promotions, special sale, and many others. However, VirtueMart SEO templates developed by Yagendoo already provide these custom-made ecommerce features. The VirtueMart templates are flexible for setting configuration as to the minimum and maximum purchase amount requirement for each product. You can add a javascript to check dollar value of the products selected by your customer regardless of the number of items and then add to the shopping cart at a time in one simple step. This is the perfect platform for your website if you consider functionality, technical support, and flexibility for future code and modules modifications.

Start to redirect your business marketing goals and make it happen!

VirtueMart’s extensibility proves its superiority over osCommerce and other ecommerce open source software. There is no limit when it comes to coding modifications, themes and templates add-ons, and anything you can think to extend VirtueMart. VirtueMart could give online stores the potential to grow, develop, and create more functionality as Joomla continues to be the most popular and growing web CMS.

Save more using open source Joomla as platform for your VirtueMart ecommerce solution!

The common limitation e-businesses experience is program coding flexibility problem. The cost of the software and the cost of the technical expertise to make the modifications are eating up a big part of their income margin. This would come out too costly compared with using open source software like Joomla where many technical people are continuously trying to develop the software to serve their business needs. Joomla offers the low cost but high-end ecommerce solution for your online store needs. There are wide selection of VirtueMart themes, VirtueMart SEO, VirtueMart templates, and other add-ons Yagendoo offers for Joomla users.