Joomla content management system overview

Content management is the major function of Joomla that allows users to post text or content including pictures, pages, report information, HTML pages in static form, and other types of media content possible. Joomla has an administrator that manages and gives permission to users who want to submit articles for publications. These registered users have the privilege to post articles to the site remotely using the Joomla interface. Note that the article title appears in everything with Joomla. This means that a writer needs to make very short descriptive title because this automatically appears from the content page to the site map.

Understanding Joomla modules

Joomla modules determine what appears in each page of the site. Modules make up the web pages just like what you see in the homepage menu so you can grasp what is a Joomla module as well as how a Joomla module works. At the side of the page, you will see the Main Menu, Latest News, User Menu, or News Flash. These sections are Joomla modules that allow users the flexibility to add, enable, or disable modules for content type selection. Joomla modules are simple and the fastest method available to adding custom codes to create a web page text or content.

VirtueMart Search Module

Complete installation of VirtueMart enables the site to create a virtual store in a very flexible configuration setting. VirtueMart configuration settings allow users to change store structure by categories and selecting products for each category. Page layout and product presentation is as easy as selecting the Store Menu and then Edit Store option, which displays the screen for the Store Information. In the Store Information, you may edit the store name, address, URL, and other contact details including uploading of the store’s central image. VirtueMart allows you to select your currency type, place your terms of service, and put your online store general description. A custom VirtueMart template with custom VirtueMart theme is available for custom display of products to each selected product category. VirtueMart Search Module provides three major fields for the shopping cart system namely the category, product, and the manufacturer. You will find this simple and easy if you carry hundreds of products for display online.