Joomla VirtueMart Extension Flypage Themes

The flexibility of Joomla platform extends to its plug-ins, extensions, and add-ons. Yagendoo developed Flypage 1 for VirtueMart extension to display efficiently one product at a time in a page. Joomla powers this shopping cart theme for VirtueMart ecommerce sites to give the VirtueMart websites a very professional, orderly, neat look specifically suggested for products needing solo view as such as dresses, shoes, make-ups, jewelries, and other sassy fashion items.

Search engines gaining more traffic and visitors for your site easily index the SEO friendly webpage design. Many visitors appreciate the custom Flypage 1 theme for VirtueMart that is fully CSS driven and consists of user friendly, clear structure without tables. The structure allow easy navigation on a VirtueMart theme that is also xhtml trans valid. The Flypage 1 theme comes in a variety of six colors to suit your mood, your website’s design, your VirtueMart template background, and your visitors’ theme preferences.

The Flypage 1 theme allows you to display an image of your product to help shoppers visualize about your product’s look and packaging. Let your website stand out by blending your VirtueMart template with the available six Flypage 1 colors and impress your visitors. There is a space for large text where you can type your product header. Headers function as a brief summary of your products important features and benefits. The best comparison for the headers is the attractive and effective media ads you see in most websites with large traffic. Note that headers support customers’ decision to buy the product. They are call to action small product descriptions that stands out in the page and drive customers to buy your items on display.

The long product description follows the catching product headers that explain what the product image and description miss to relay to your customers. A larger image of your product is then place after the long product description at a different view to attract your shoppers. The long product description part could be a short article describing your product. Flypage 1 is a larger view of any effective media ads running in any website with good traffic. Take advantage of what this VirtueMart theme can give you and start to increase your website’s income today.