Joomla VirtueMart shopping cart trendy notice boxes extensions from Yagendoo

Shoppers need to have a means of confirmation that the items they select to add in the cart actually appear to the VirtueMart shopping cart list of items. The Notice Box 1 VirtueMart plug-in extension serves to inform shoppers of the additional item in their shopping carts. The Notice Box 2 provides more colors than the old Notice Box 1, which blends to any VirtueMart themes. The Notice Box 2 actually provides at least four colors of blue, green, pink, and red packed with psd files that allow graphic modifications to make your website look more attractive and more functional. This extension fits in a variety of shoppers’ moods with maximum compatibility to your Joomla VirtueMart ecommerce system designed to work easily with any Joomla platform.

Availability Icon for product availability notice

Yagendoo developed the Availability Icon with multiple colors to display product availability in days, weeks, or orders in both German and English languages. This extension is easy to install and can be preset in any text or background color. Add more life to your website and add more functionality by telling people how fast they need to decide buying the product. This is a good marketing technique where you give information on how long the special discount offer or product inventory will last. People need a little motivation to buy your product. Fear of time and little inventory will convert them to good cash buyers in no time. The Availability Icon not only gives information about product availability but also motivate shoppers to buy your product.

Yagendoo created the Notice Boxes and the Availability Icon not only to add functionality but also to market your product as well as motivate people to buy display items. Competent support is available for all the products you purchase from Yagendoo. Please see this page for colors and themes samples of the Availability Icon