Ultimate custom VirtueMart shopping cart product features and benefits

VirtueMart customer reviews described Joomla VirtueMart plug-in extension as the ultimate shopping cart software that is much better than the xtcommerce or oscommerce. This Joomla shopping system is extremely powerful, free to download, and allows programming or function customization. VirtueMart provides sufficient configurations and options especially the wide selection of VirtueMart templates that will suit any business shopping cart needs. This plug-in is written in php script and runs in any mysql or php environment. JoomlaShack members voted VirtueMart as the number one Joomla extension last May of 2009 but published in June of 2009. VirtueMart shopping cart plug-in is the most complete solution for ecommerce under licensed by the General Public License (GNU). VirtueMart consists of a number of extensions with minimum installation requirement of single component that acts as the main component to run the virtual shopping system efficient interface. Using Joomla on your server gives you the capability to install and run VirtueMart with the least configuration.

VirtueMart allows custom website templates using VirtueMart themes from Yagendoo

Yagendoo is the partner of Joomla for VirtueMart themes extension. Experience full website customization through web based shopping cart administration that is capable of competing the most elegant and functional web templates and themes available online. Test drive and explore traffic opportunities with Yageendo’s VirtueMart optimized shopping cart templates. VirtueMart SEO friendly downloadable selection of templates is the best platform Joomla provides to virtual stores easily indexed by search engines and continuously drives visitors to the site for conversion to qualified leads.

VirtueMart compatibility to all browsers

This shopping cart plug-in templates and themes support and run to all browsers. There is absolutely no problem concerning browser incompatibility or accessibility. This prevents users from getting frustrated using their Firefox or Internet Explorer browsers.

10 module styles in 20 module positions

This VirtueMart SEO shopping system consists of 10 lovely, functional, easy to navigate template styles that allows 20 different ways of arranging your products in each page. Constantly improve the look of your landing page and take advantage of Yagendoo’s VirtueMart templates product and page layout flexibility. Catch your target viewers’ eye and make a sale! Optimize your template for the search engines and create good product presentation to impress your visitors.