VirtueMart add-ons and extensions from Joomla developers

The recent product enhancement of VirtueMart is the Invoice/ Receipt/ Delivery/ Note Addon, which enables administrator to add a new tab that will allow creating invoices, notes for delivery, and receipts in a pdf format. This is a plug-in with language support for both English and Swedish. Install at order.order_print. However, you need to uninstall first the old DeliveryNote add-on so it will not be in conflict with the new VirtueMart enhancement.

Here are some VirtueMart extensions you can integrate to your online store:

RedMystic Core Google Base Feeder allows you to publish your products to the websites of Google Base and RedMystic product directory free. Submission is automatic and doubles your product exposure using only one VirtueMart component, which is the RedMystic Core Module. Your site’s key meta tags are automatically added to the module designed to work on small bandwidth or even shared hosting with proactive sitemaps.
Interamind Reports replaced the old VirtueMart Simple Orders Report to support new features that allow you to view reports on screen complete with links for each other downloadable in CSV for spreadsheet export. The add-on enables filtering of orders by order status, SKU, and dates intervals showing each product in separate lines for easy accounting and invoicing. You are able to bookmark reports that you use frequently for access convenience.
GWCoupons allows you to generate VirtueMart coupons automatically based on your preferred events and then sends to your customers through email. This plug-in generates new coupons and removes expired coupons automatically to help you retain your customers better.
VirtueMart Category Plug-in helps you to publish your product categories by typing vmcatplugin within your article to display the categories in the article automatically.

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And here is some information on Drupal.