VirtueMart – Best Shopping Cart for Joomla Users

Joomla is one of the most popular open source software that provides a complete ecommerce solution for small to medium businesses who wants to install easy-to-manage shopping cart script that has the ability to integrate Quickbooks to their shopping carts for an efficient accounting system especially in the aspects of product inventory level monitoring for current orders synchronization. One of Joomla extensions is VirtueMart, which is an online shopping cart that comes with user-friendly VirtueMart themes, power administration tool, and plug-in that integrates easily with the Joomla software and allows websites to display products with images and product descriptions using Moneybookers as its checkout payment system. VirtueMart Moneybookers payment gateway allows fast, convenient, safe, and secure payment service that saves you the hassle of opening and accessing your bank account for payment.

The VirtueMart allinone module in php saves space and provides positioning flexibility in an attractive vertical position display. Yagendoo is the provider for Joomla VirtueMart shopping cart templates as such as the Showroom Mall, Media Mall, City Sky, or Noble Mall. Joomla’s popularity focused on its celebrated extensibility that allows you to add new Joomla templates through any kind of web functionality namely plug-in, modules, or components that are easy to integrate to your website with user-friendly mapping and navigation controls. The VirtueMart shopping cart functionality includes inventory management as well as customer relationship management (CRM) and flexibility to expand and meet any web related needs. Plug-in like the VirtueMart gives your site a professional look with superior VirtueMart templates.

VirtueMart shopping cart plug-in is an advanced type of Joomla extension that operates over 600 registered stores online. The popular web shopping software reported about 1.5 million downloads and still increasing because of its VirtueMart SEO friendly template designs and of the following:

Preview of a complete catalog of your product
Inventory monitoring and control
Downloadable products management and sales as such as eBooks
Employees can manage front end without accessing back end
Shopping cart capabilities
Custom drop down menu or choices