VirtueMart extension Flypage 2 theme by Yagendoo

Yagendoo developed the Flypage 2 for VirtueMart shopping cart to allow more colorful display of your product besides the full size image at the top portion of the webpage. If you need to display a variety of colors to attract your customers, then Flypage 2 suits your ecommerce marketing strategy. Take at least four photos of your products in different colors or different packaging and put it on display at the upper right portion of your landing page.

Four product images at the side, 2 large images at the center

Viewing a variety of packaging styles and colors for one particular product simply help your customers facilitate their thoughts processes and decide as to which color to buy. More images and product display about a particular item gives customers more reason to buy your product. The technique is to display the most suitable product colors that blend with your template background. You can also put on display different dimensions or image view positions of your product. Flypage 2 makes it possible to display different product positions and different product colors four times at the right side and twice at the center.

Free of annoying tables

Flypage 2 has no tables and comes in a variety of nine colors in an xhtml and CSS2 coding. Customers are very sensitive to website page layout and arrangement. Flypage 2 is Yagendoo’s response to online stores who would like to make a sale just by displaying more product versions, colors, and packaging. The expert programmers and e-marketers of Yagendoo combined their skills and agreed to highlight the product title or product name at the middle of the page. This will draw the eyes of the customers from the image to the name of the product highlighted in great variety of colors that will suit your taste and your product’s images on display.