What makes Joomla popular?

Joomla consists of the best content management system and the best portal for powerful applications that provide an easy platform to create and maintain websites, designs, and themes even for beginners.

What makes Joomla popular?

Joomla is free, available to anyone who desires to use it, and easy to install but most of all does not require user knowledge on html or programming subjects. Joomla uses minimal instructions for site creation and management while providing specialized functionality and wide selections of extensions. The increasing community of talented developers and users support this award winning open source, website builder, and content management system online in forums.

Who uses Joomla?

Joomla supports small to large web portals without limitations to extensibility as such as newspapers or online magazines, community based websites, personal websites, government portals, and ecommerce or any online stores with shopping cart systems. Joomla showcase large companies like Citibank or Harvard University and others using and trusting Joomla CMS system at its community site.

What are the uses of Joomla?

Going beyond what the basic Joomla features can offer is a natural reality, an easy challenge, and a convenient thought for companies and developers who want to create extensions and sophisticated software add-ons. Joomla is an expandable platform that offers unlimited directions in php and mysql applications.

Joomla framework offers quick and easy

Inventory monitoring and control
Product catalogs that can be customized
Complicated business directory
Communication platform and tools
Report tools for user convenience
VirtueMart shopping cart system with VirtueMart templates and VirtueMart search modules

How do you install Joomla?

Download the latest version of Joomla from JoomlaCode.Org
Extract Joomla package to your desired location
Uncompress files to your Web server by the use of FTP if remote or simply copy and paste if local host
Install actual Joomla package to server using either Web Browser or Manual approach. Web Browser process is easier to follow than the manual process.
Take note that your Web server must have a php or mysql environment to be able to install Joomla successfully. There are Joomla Installation Manual, Joomla QuickStart Guide, and Joomla forums as well as videos available in the Joomla website to help you set up your Joomla CMS.